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Vanessa Hudgens Speaks Out About 'Traumatic' Leak of Nude Photos

Hudgens, who became famous for playing Gabriella Montez in the movie High School Musical, said she thought the leak was the result of an extreme interest in celebrities' private lives. She feels this should not be the case, but unfortunately, if so many people are interested, do everything you can to learn as much as an actress can tell about you. Cosmo: "I found myself in a situation where they spoke to me in an inappropriate way, but at that moment I was the one who just said: 'No.' Why are you saying this?" Cosmo: "No. You are completely out of bounds. You are completely out of bounds. Read about it later.

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While this may be true, others have different theories. Their motive seems to be je... Silly email after the jump. I am writing to you today because I have some important information to reveal to you. I have long been hesitant to do this for fear of the possible repercussions from the point of view of those involved. However, in light of recent events, I feel it is my duty to reveal all I know before the situation escapes control. As you may have heard, nude photos of Vanessa Anne Hudgens were recently released. These photos are personal and Vanessa is obviously bothered by the fact that her privacy has been invaded. The source of these photos was this account on Flickr:. I am convinced that the owners of this account are two teenagers, Kaylee Collins, 19, and Alexa Nicholas. I know this because I am an older close friend of Kaylee Collins and am known to Alexa Nicholas. Vanessa especially liked Alexa and invited her to star in her first music video clip, remedying the fact that she was too busy to spend time with her.

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Vanessa Hudgens opens up for "traumatic" leak of personal photos in 2007

Back in , Vanessa Hudgens released a statement regarding her nude photos that leaked online and caused quite a stir. The media scrutinized the star, who was still owned by the Disney Channel at the time, but failed to hear much of Hudgens' own story, except for her apology. The star is now 31 years old and cannot be easily overlooked. In fact, Vanessa Hudgens' comments about the leak of her nude photos have not hampered anything. The debate usually starts with "she was on the Disney Channel" and "she was a role model for young girls," but many forget that she was a young woman who was one year old, a legal adult, and happened to be on the Disney Channel. Film Industry. No matter how you slice it, Hudgens was still the one who made the mistakes the media called for at the time. Now that she has reflected on what happened, Hudgens sees it not so much as an invasion of the minimal privacy to which a human being is entitled . Her apology statement to the E! News said she was "perplexed by [the] situation. It went on to say that "it went so far as to go to Disney Channel Network spokeswoman Patty McTeague, who said, 'Vanessa apologized for what was clearly an error in judgment. We hope that a valuable lesson was learned. What the industry said at the time was a valuable lesson, but today it would likely be considered an invasion of women's privacy, and Hudgens' comments on the issue are reflected in Cosmopolitan UK. He continued, "As an actor, you completely lose touch with your private life, and that's really sad .

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Jennifer Tilly is excited about her close friendship with Meg's sister.

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Christopher Cross Griffin. There is an episode where Peter changes the name on Meghan's Megatron birth certificate. Family Guy-MegatronGriffin Mila Kunis is always taking the command "Shut Meg"|Graham Norton shows the classic clip. Content belongs to Fox Den and is intended to violate copyright. Fair Use. copyright disclaimer under the Copyright Act section in the case of Meg Griffin stands for Megatron Gilligan Griffin Christopher Cross Griffin Peter is the Megatron of Megan's Place There is an episode in which the name is changed on Meg's birth certificate for Megatron (formerly Megan) "Meg" Semanstein Griffin (born Meg on March 23) is that her father changed her birth certificate to "Megatron". She is currently attending James Wood Regional High School. That her father changed her birth certificate to "Megatron".

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Megan "Meg" Griffin is a wonderful character in the Family Guy cartoon series. Stan Thompson is Meg's real father, presumably according to the "screw the dog" scene. She is the oldest child and only daughter of Peter and Lois Griffin. < span _d-id = "57" class = "-l-r bg - [#e1f0f5] text- [#25282d] partial-highlight- animation cente_highlight". </pan> wiki characters. But in addition to the Family Guy character, Meg has been considered a hilarious effort without her own efforts since the series debuted. You may not know her face, but her voice is as reassuring and recognizable as yours. He has plans to take over the world and kill his mother. When it comes back, it is complete. Multimedia in category "Meg Griffin" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. She currently lives in Spooner 31 with her parents and siblings. Casting for fans.

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