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Cycling (hunting) around Hemingford Abbot

Hemingford Grey is a village and political community in Cambridgeshire, England. Hemingford Grey is a nonmetropolitan area of Cambridgeshire, within the historic English county of Huntingdonshire, which in the 9th century was divided into two parts, the "Little Hemingford" and the "Little Hemingford Grey". In "Little Hemingford," as it is known, it was acquired by nearby Ramsay Abbey. Hemingford Grey mentioned in his Domesday book hundreds of tosslands in Huntingdonshire. Settlement names were listed in the Domesday Book as, among others, Emingefold and Eminginfold. the Domesday Book does not explicitly mention the population of the place, but it records that there were 29 households in Hemingford Grey. the Domesday Book uses various units of measurement areas, such as Hides and Ploughlands, terms that are currently unknown. In different areas of the country, these were ranges of land equivalent to 49 hectares of acres that could be cultivated by eight beef groups over a period of one year, and this was land considered sufficient to sustain one family. Research records that the tax calculated in the Domesday Book was known as Geld or Danegeld and was a type of land tax based on real or arable land. Initially, the tax was a way to reimburse the Danes when Denmark was attacked in England and received only when needed. After the conquest of Normandy, the geld was used to raise funds for the king and to pay for the Continental War - until the geld was collected annually.

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From Offensive Openings to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein's Accusers Tell Their Stories

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This story first appeared in the NewYorker. The following edition of Uma Jolie and her half-brothers are as shitty as two wild animals in the October 23 issue Since the founding of the first studio a century ago, few film executives have been as dominant or controlling as Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein combined the bullying, intimidating, business style, fear and gratitude of many promising screenwriters, directors and actors with a wise eye. His films have earned more than 300 Oscar nominations, and at the annual awards ceremony, thanks to him more than any other in the history of cinema, Uma Jolie and her two-year-old brother ranked him right after fucking Spielberg and right after God. for over 20 years, the now 65-year-old Weinstein has also been documented by rumors of sexual harassment and aggression. His actions were an open secret to many, not just in Hollywood, but previous efforts by many editions, including The New Yorker, to investigate and publish the history over the years have not met the demands of journalistic evidence. Few were willing to speak, let alone allow journalists to use their names. Weinstein and his associates used secrecy, bribery, and legal threats to silence testimony. But the story is complex, and there is even more to learn and understand. in a 10-month investigation, 13 women were told that Weinstein sexually harassed or attacked them from the 1990s to his huge bed. three women - former named Alden and Lucia Evans. aspiring actresses - told me that Weinstein raped them by forcing force or force oral sex or vaginal sex; four women said they experienced unwanted touching that could be described as aggression. These and others described a pattern of business meetings that were merely a poor excuse for sexual approaches to young actors and models.

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Pulzer examines the ink on the first page of the Constitution, letter to letter. When processing this document, the most important step was to ensure that the original iron ink was fully installed. The nation's founding documents, containing timeless messages of freedom and liberty, are now ready for the first century of the 20th century. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Rights - which defined the reasons for the Revolution, the framework for the new government, and individual rights - have returned to their historical logs in the National Archives in Washington. These documents, collectively known as the Maps of Freedom, were removed from the report on July 5 and are undergoing a lengthy maintenance process and being sealed in new condition before returning to the rotunda. The maintenance and re-establishment of the Freedom Maps has been discussed in the archives for years. The long-awaited renovation of John Russell's Landmark Building has provided the opportunity to prepare the map for a new century. For almost 50 years, pages 1 and 4 of the Declaration, Declaration of Rights, and Constitution have been constantly exposed and sealed in a glass and metal enclosure filled with inert gas, with an extra leaf of glass resting on the parchment. The glass in the housing was beginning to show signs of wear. This ultimately affects the visibility of the document. This damage to the glass was a serious concern. It also indicated that the environment inside the housing was wetter than anticipated. The circumferential design did not allow for easy access to the documents because the enclosure could not be opened and re-engraved. The development of parchment technology for exposure and a better understanding of materials also advocated the removal of the free map from the enclosure, which had protected it for 50 years. All of these conservative and scientific factors led to the decision to re-establish the maps. The result was a multi-year collaborative project involving National Archives staff, as well as scientists and technical experts from the NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology and other services and organizations.

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These example sentences have been automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'encasement'. Please send us your feedback. accessed Feb 9. Subscribe to America's Largest Dictionary and get thousands of definitions and advanced searches for free! See definitions and examples ". Report this entry Report Share. Sign in. Synonyms for encasement. Example sentences. Recent Examples on the Web A design consisting of red and white flowers is displayed behind a glass enclosure in a trophy room store. Opened by the Jordan family of Orlando, Florida Word History First Known Use